Eating Franco Cum

Straight boy Franco picks out a porn video for the session. After stripping down he strokes his cock until it’s hard and then Vinnie moves in to swallow the whole thing. Franco lets Vinnie service him while he watches the TV and when he grabs Vinnie’s head he unleashes a massive load.

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Str8 Gianni Jerks Off

In the bedroom, Gianni strips down to his boxer briefs and starts in with the questions as he chooses a porn flick to watch. Gianni’s cock gets hard right away and after some serious stroking Vinnie approaches with a little lube and starts stroking his big dick. Gianni says he wants to do it himself, so Vinnie leaves the room. Soon he can hear Gianni moaning, as he explodes all over the bed.

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Turning On Str8 Tony

Vinnie pulls out his big cock for straight boy Tony to play with. The two stroke each other until both are rock hard. Then Tony goes down on Vinnie. This really turns Tony on and soon he’s shooting his load into Vinnie’s hand.

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Str8 Enrique Fucks Vinnie

Enrique stands in front of the TV watching porn and jerking off. Vinnie kneels in front of him and starts sucking his cock, but Enrique wants to fuck something. After 5 minutes he has the head of his black dick in Vinnie’s tight white ass. Then Vinnie sits on his cock, grinds his hips around and he shoots on his stomach. Then he starts sucking Enrique’s cock again and he shoots on Vinnie’s lips.

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Making Str8 Adam Cum

Adam displays his new tattoos for the camera as he strips naked and starts playing with his cock. Soon Vinnie takes over and sucks on his hardening piece. Adam watches as Vinnie services him and when he takes out his own stiff meat they’re soon having a slippery cock fight. It doesn’t take long for Adam to spurt a massive load in the air and in Vinnie’s mouth.

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Str8 Johnny Shares Cock

When Johnny strips down and sprawls on the sofa Vinnie goes down on his cock and the match begins. He licks up and down his hard shaft and Johnny grabs Vinnie’s head to control the action. While Johnny is enjoying the sensation Vinnie takes out my own cock and starts to rub it against his, naturally lubed by the pre-cum oozing from both of their cocks. It isn’t long before Johnny is shooting his load.

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Black Jock Cock

Mondo is a 19 year old freshman soccer player with a big dick. He strips down and reads a Hustler magazine, while Vinnie lubes him up. In no time he’s rock hard and it’s apparent this one is going to be easy. Vinnie gently strokes his 8 inch cock, before going down on it. When Mondo stands up check out that incredible bubble butt as he fucks Vinnie’s face. After he gets a nice rhythm going Mondo shoots his load all over Vinnie’s face and down his throat. Mondo may be a straight man of few words but his cock has a nice downward curve that fits perfectly in Vinnie’s mouth.

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Dino Wants Gay Head

Dino shows up late and wants another quickie blowjob, while his girl waits for him out in the car. He stands in front of Vinnie, as he watches TV, drops his pants and has him suck his cock. Does the girlfriend know what Dino is up to?

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Servicing Cory

After stripping naked, Cory grabs the remote and settles down for a cock servicing. As soon as Vinnie goes down on him Corys dick is rock hard, so he continues to lick his shaft and edge Cory several times. Vinnie pulls out his hard cock and rubs it against Cory’s monster and then returns to sucking. Soon Cory starts to squirm and blows a massive cum load on Vinnie’s lips.

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